Wood Prints

These Wood Prints are created with the idea a Gyotaku rubbing, in this case applied to fallen trees which have been hand-harvested and  prepared for printing. I also enjoy printing trees that have  historical or sentimental value as eternal reminders of subjects fallen.

Why Land-Based Prints

My life revolves around the outdoors and the sea, guided by tides, swell and wind. My daily routine involves checking to see when all of these elements align for a perfect day of surfing and diving (and of course recording the catch of the day by way of my gyotaku art).  This doesn’t always work out, so I then turn to land-based options to print.  I am drawn to big, gnarly, textured trees, so I began researching tree printing techniques; what to look for, best ink options and  how to cut wood. I bought a chainsaw! (Boys love new toys!) I rub my hands over the bark, take note of the textures, study the intricacies  and decide how and where to cut the wood. I then prepare the chosen piece for print (which is another whole story!)
After carefully inking and lovingly attending to a piece, to finally pulling the first print and seeing a perfect, solid, crisp  and defined print on beautiful paper, is just wow, it makes me feel alive!