Cyanotype, also called a sun-print, is the oldest photographic printing technique that produces a cyan-blue print.
Note: each Cyanotype, even those in a series of the same subject, exposes slightly differently making each print unique

Discovering Cyanotypes

I researched ‘sun prints’ also known as cyanotype, first discovered in 1842, as I fell in love with the Prussian blue colour.
To create my cyanotype prints I use various objects from nature (mostly from the sea),
placed on paper coated with the light-sensitive iron salts that make up the cyanotype chemicals.
I also use film of photos that I take of my Gyotaku Artworks subjects before I print them. 
After a period of time in the sun I rinse the exposures in sea water, I love including the sea in my process
as all my passions are connected to the ocean!