Gyotaku Artworks

All prints are created using Gyotaku (gyo “fish” + taku “rubbing”), a traditional form of Japanese fish printing.
Every print is unique; each fish / octopus calls for its own mix of media, some are printed with ink while others are
captured in octopus ink or blood, all are then fine-tuned with detail and shading.

My Gyotaku Art Journey 

One day, during a dive, I heard Gods whisper say “what else can you do with the ink?
Octopus ink is popular in culinary recipes but I started to image using it to print images.
I shared the idea with my mate Prof Inggs from Michaelis School of Fine Arts. 
He invited me to come play in his studio where we experimented and screen printed using octopus ink.
He introduced me to the ancient Japanese technique known as Gyotaku (Gyo = fish, Taku = rubbing),
this was used for fishermen to record their catch, and I was sold hook, line and sinker!

 I make Gyotaku artworks of the days catch, with the ink from the octopus/cuttlefish/chokka that I catch.
This is my way of honouring the sea-life I bring home, paying homage to the satisfaction it brings me through the hunt,
the cooking and sharing and of course the creative process.