Jero, the Wildwanderer

surf, dive, fish, forage, explore, grow, cook, eat, create, enjoy

As a young grommet, I kept myself entertained in rock & tidal pools around False Bay. I would dive for an entire day, playing with fish & sandsharks, starfish & urchins, sticking my fingers into anemones, but the creature that grabbed my full attention was the octopus. Attention initially out of fear, but once I learnt how to handle them, it was playtime.

Today I’m still fascinated with the octopus & will disappear for hours getting lost in my childhood. My Italian connection has exposed me to the value they contribute to the kitchen, feeding friends & family!  People give me gas for eating Octopus, but I take great pleasure in the hunt for them which is a skill honed over many years. They are a food source & my policy is we eat from the sea what she offers us on the day!  I don’t always win! I only take what I need, give back to the ocean what I don’t use. Nothing is wasted!