Discovering Cyanotypes

Cyanotypes, also called Blue prints or sun prints, were invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. He created a light-sensitive iron salts solution, which is coated onto paper & dried in a dark area.

A negative film or an object is placed on the paper and exposed to UV light for a period of time then rinsed in water resulting in a Prussian blue image.   

I researched this process as I fell in love with the idea and the blue colour of these Cyanotypes. I thought that somehow there could be a connection using Cyanotypes and my Gyotaku technique. It’s forever evolving.

I started experimenting with various  papers & fabrics, different weather (sun UV) conditions, different water solutions.

That was when I made the ‘Sea’ connection once again. All my passions from surfing, diving & fishing, bread baking & Gyotaku have one thing in common, The Sea !

I take images of my Gyotaku Artworks subjects before and after printing them, once I have exposed my image, I wash my Cyanotype Prints with sea water instead of wasting fresh water.  Forever connected to the Sea !