My Gyotaku Art Journey

One day during a dive I was thinking about the ink of the octopus.  What else could I do with it instead of adding it to Risotto or making Pasta Nero? I started to think about using the ink to make images.

I ran the idea of making prints using octopus ink past my mate Prof Inggs from Michaelis School of Fine Arts.  He was stoked with the idea & invited me to come & play at Michaelis which was an absolute blessing. We made screenprints using octopus ink, but the technique which I fell in love with was the ancient form of printing called Gyotaku. The Japanese Fisherman would record their catch by making an ink print on rice paper!  An idea sparked!

Today, I make Gyotaku Artworks and Cyanotype Prints from the fish I catch using the ink from the octopus, which I catch.  I pay homage to the octopus for giving me immense satisfaction through the hunt, the culinary experience & the creative twist!